PC Randomly shut down in games.

First, my specs:
ASUS P5Q MotherBoard
ASUS 4870 512MB Graphics card, with DK cooling.
2x 1GB Crosair Ram @800mhz
ThermalTake PSU - 600W (Much more then what i need).

The computer just shut down, (the power light goes off/Fans stop ). 3 seconds later, it just restarts. it useally does that after changing something in the bios.
This only happens while playing Graphic games(tried running non fullscreen, still happens).

now here is the weird part, it only happens in some of the games, in some its just unplayable, in other games its a bit rare, and some of the games, it only happens around same places, Randomly.

for example: I have Left 4 Dead, it has 4 campaigns, each with 5 levels.
in 2 of the campaigns, it never shut down, I played them a lot.
in the other 2 campaigns, it just shut down after 1-10 minutes, but I noticed that some levels in those campaigns that don't work, there are levels that do work.
the levels that do work, don't have forests in them. so its either has something to do with some effects with the trees, luck , or my computer just hates forests (like Francis).

More games that have this problem:
Really rare on TeamFortress2, but happened a few times.
Prototype-playable, once in a hour or two.
HAWX - every 30 mins or so.
Ghost Busters(the new games released on 16 June 2009)-just unplayable.
Downloaded the new Americas Army game, joined a server, boom, PC shut down.
Assassins creed, I remember having problems with it long ago.
Many more games.

Stuff that never shut down my system:
Call of Duty 4/5- i play those the most, and they never shut my PC down.
Dawn of War 2
ran 3DMark06 a lot of times, nothing happened.
Anything on desktop.

I have tried nearly everything:

-ATI drivers updated.

-Memtest86 ran for 2 hours,5 passes, no errors.

-2 different 4870s! (the fan broke a week after I bought it, they replaced it for free).

-All OC off + underclocking.

-Heat: i have DK cooling for my Graphic card, trust me, it doesn't even pass the 60s.
as for the CPU, Intel says its great under 72.5C, my CPU at 100% capacity for 15 minutes straight is @ 62C.

-Lowering settings: running games at lowest quality possible(maybe its some effect crashing it?), no joy.

-Enabling BSOD: was always on, for some reason I don't get the blue screen (but I do get it for something else, not related, so its not disabled).

-Event Viewer: empty, nothing about the crash.

if anyone has any idea that could help, please post and help me, its extremely frustrating to buy something this expensive and find out it doesn't work.
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  1. Well if you tried 2 other video cards then to me it sounds like either a MOBO or HDD problem , and I say HDD because Windows may have been in corrupted in some way.
  2. its kinda too late to format now.
    but why would an hard drive failure wont make a blue screen?

    that's the thing that worries me, i don't get a blue screen.
  3. AlonTavor said:
    its kinda too late to format now.
    but why would an hard drive failure wont make a blue screen?

    that's the thing that worries me, i don't get a blue screen.

    If a HDD has failed and become corrupted it wont blue screen because it doesnt know it has too , because the sectors might be bad , so you may even have to replace the HDD. And its never to late to try reformating , I reformat as long as I know I have a few irreplaceable things backed up. (like family pictures)

    and if the HDD isnt the case then like I said its a MOBO problem. Just try putting Windows on a diffirent HDD and play the game that messes up the most then let me know.
  4. Thermaltake isn't a bad PSU, but... Off of the top of my head, only two things can trigger a complete restart. Bad BIOS setting, or PSU that has over-amped and tripped.

    Checked your primary power supply lately? (the wall socket...)
  5. if you say the HDD gets corrupted, how come it restarts just fine and loads the windows without any problem?.

    I tried reseting the bios to default settings, didnt help.

    check my power supply? in what way?
    Its connected ok.

    I should try playing with open case, and see if the Mobo's light turn off when it happens, but still, why does it happend in some places, and never happens in other places?
    maybe its a driver issue, should I roll back to version 8.12?
  6. The computer just shut down, (the power light goes off/Fans stop ). 3 seconds later, it just restarts. it useally does that after changing something in the bios.

    Normal behavior for P5Q boards. It's the BIOS being saved and restarting with the new settings. I'm not talking about while gaming but right after you leave and save the BIOS.
  7. Default BIOS settings arent always right BIOS settings.
  8. hundredislandsboy said:
    The computer just shut down, (the power light goes off/Fans stop ). 3 seconds later, it just restarts. it useally does that after changing something in the bios.

    Normal behavior for P5Q boards. It's the BIOS being saved and restarting with the new settings. I'm not talking about while gaming but right after you leave and save the BIOS.

    yea I know that, maybe the BIOS wants to change something mid-game?.

    Gin, I have tried "playing" with the BIOS settings.

    disabled "FireWire".
    disabled Onboard Lan adapter(I had some problems with it, i have a PCI lan card and it works great with it).
    disabled Asus "express Gate".
    changed CPU Ratio from Auto to 9.0(There is a problem with P5Q and E8400 with the ratio).
    Lowered FSB from 333 to 300 (underclock).
    Disabled OnBoard Sound adapter, still shuts down around same places(with no sound)

    Nothing helped.

    This evening, Ill take the PSU from my old PC (450W) and replace it, and see if it still happens.
    Also , ill try reverting to 8.12.
    then ill run with open case and see if the MoBo's power light is still on when it happens.
  9. Speaking of BIOS, do you have the latest for your motherboard?
  10. uhh I have downloaded it but I have no idea how to flash it in, can you link me to some guide?
  11. You have something called EZ Flash 2. Check your motherboard manual. It's very simple, no worries.
  12. hundredislandsboy said:
    You have something called EZ Flash 2. Check your motherboard manual. It's very simple, no worries.

    k, flashed bios, to a much newer version, no problems occured during the flash.
    i set the settings to default,restart, flashed the bios, then set to default again, restrat, then put my settings in.

    i managed to play for an hour, then it happend again.

    any other suggestions?
  13. If you have another video card, something less powerful, you can play on that for an hour. If it doesn't happen, then possibly your PSU is failing under full load. A lot of PSUs are advertised with their maximum output (ie, 600 watts) while regular sustained power output is far less.

    Read the sticker on your PSU to see if says something like
    +3.3v & +5v & +12v = 450 watts
    Total Power 450 watts
    Max Output 600 watts

    I'm starting to suspect your PSU flakes out under full power draw and is the cause of your random restarts. Does it ever happen while browsing or in 2D?
  14. Hate to say it but this is looking like a PSU issue. Did you swap to the 450W PSU?
    It could also be bad memory, try running with just one stick in at a time and see what happens.
    Have you checked the hard drive for errors? Speedfan has a nice little SMART reader built in, which can give you plenty of info on the state of the drive.
  15. i have a 8600GTS on my other PC, but that card has it own problems (which even NVidia couldnt solve, which happend on 3 diffrent Systems, long story).
    besides, i cant install nvidia drivers on my new PC(mixing NVidia with ATI realy screwed me up last time).

    didnt have time to switch the PSU.
    but its a Thermaltake PSU, 600W, which is much more then what i need, and its high quallity.
    maybe i got a faulty one.... i might have time today to try it.

    ill check hard drive for errors now, and download speedfan.
  16. hmm, SpeedFan shows CoreVoltage is 1.29V (1.225 needed), and another program+Bios show its only 1.19.
    12V shows 11.40?... maybe it might cause the harddrive engine to slow down or something?

    all those settings are on "auto" on bios.
  17. I'm having the same problem with my HIS HD 4870. Nothing that I've tried has worked. I've got an 800 watt PSU which I've tested with Everest to make sure it was running properly and it does the same exact thing... it turns off, like I pulled the plug on the PSU, for 2-4 seconds then reboots. This only happens to me while gaming just like you.

    Are you running a ASUS P5Q-E? If so our problem could be with the motherboard. The only problem with that theory is that all of my games worked fine for around 4 months. Then L4D started acting up followed shortly by GRID. As time has gone on more and more of my games that worked fine before are now causing my computer to restart.
  18. soliderpp said:
    I'm having the same problem with my HIS HD 4870. Nothing that I've tried has worked. I've got an 800 watt PSU which I've tested with Everest to make sure it was running properly and it does the same exact thing... it turns off, like I pulled the plug on the PSU, for 2-4 seconds then reboots. This only happens to me while gaming just like you.

    Are you running a ASUS P5Q-E? If so our problem could be with the motherboard. The only problem with that theory is that all of my games worked fine for around 4 months. Then L4D started acting up followed shortly by GRID. As time has gone on more and more of my games that worked fine before are now causing my computer to restart.

    i have a regular P5Q, but it doesnt metter, we probaly have the same problem.
    i also noticed that all programs show i have 1024MB memory on my video card, but i actually have only 512 on it.

    like that guy said, the 2-4 sec turn off is because of the P5Q, like it restarts or something.

    where in L4D does it happen? i have playd "hospital" so many times and it only happend once there, it happens all the time on "farm" and the other one (not dead air).
  19. That's odd that your programs show you have a 1024MB video card. CCC and RivaTuner show that I'm running a 512MB card, which I am.

    It happens everywhere in L4D and all of my other games as well. It's totally random some times I can play for 30 minutes with no problems and other times I'll get a shutdown the second the video card goes into 3D mode.

    I've tried messing with some of the BIOS settings to see if that would fix the problem, but so how I ended up turning off the wrong setting which locked me out of BIOS. The shutdowns still occurred and I had to clear my CMOS.

    I've also updated my BIOS to version 1702 to see if that would fix the problem but that didn't work. I've been thinking about updating to another version to see if that might work, but since updating a bios can be a bit risky I've been holding off from randomly updating my BIOS up the list hoping one of the updates will work.

    I also updated some of my motherboard drivers earlier this morning to see if that would fix the problem but it didn't work. I guess I'll just update all of them and maybe some magic will happen... If that doesn't work then I guess I'll just have to update my BIOS and hope that one of the versions fixes the problem.

    Do you know if you update to the most resent version of BIOS does that include all the fixes from the previous updates?
  20. Random Shutdowns ==> Power Supply
  21. Scotteq said:
    Random Shutdowns ==> Power Supply

    I'm using a 800watt that's been tested in a friends computer to confirm that it worked properly as well as using his 700watt PSU in my computer and the problem still occurred. Coming up on the 4th another one of my friends is building a new gaming pc and I plan on making triple sure it's not my GPU or PSU that's not working.
  22. also, its Random in a Random way (Meanning: its not allways random).
    only happens in some of the games, and in some of the games it only happens in some of the places.
    so random i cant track it down.
  23. and yea i have the last bios version flashed in, 2xxx something... EZ flash is realy good :D.

    im also going to try and replace my PSU soon, if that wont help, ill call the company i bought it from and have it checked by them.
  24. any other idea?.
  25. Hello AlonTavor:

    I recently had these random shutdowns as well. Not sure If I have fixed it, but so far so good. It only happened when I played css (which is all I play anyway). I wasn't getting any BSOD's either even after enabling it.

    What I did was run ccleaner, registry mechanic, and a fresh update on video card drivers. I know you have tried the driver updates, but have you tried ccleaner or any other registry utility?

    So far I haven't experienced any random shutdowns, but it has only been about a week since I did updates and maintenance. If the shutdowns continue I will let you know.

    My setup is as follow:
    Asus M4a79 deluxe
    Sapphire HD 4870 1GB
    2 x 2GB GSkill (PI Black)
    Antec 850 watt PS
    Athlon 64 x2 7750 Kuma (Black Edition)
    Seaget 500 GB HDD
    Vista 64 ultimate
  26. cleaned the registry with it, still happens.

    i still need help.
  27. Hello,

    I came across this board because I frankly, have the same problem.

    My setup is as follows:

    CPU: QuadCore AMD Phenom X4 9500, 2200 MHz (11 x 200)
    MB: ASRock ALiveNF5-eSATA2+
    GFX: MSI Geforce 9800GTX 512
    2 gigs of ram

    Basically, when I play some games the computer shuts down (right away, not the windows shut down)
    It does this in certain places in some games.
    Take cod4 for example; it always shuts down the pc after about 10-15 minutes on the grassy maps.
    I can play the desert themed maps for hours if I want.
    In crysis it would (I no longer play it) shut down after 20-30 minutes at random places.
    In call of juarez 2 it shuts down anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour at random places.
    In left 4 dead it would only shut down in versus games after 20-40 minutes, coop mode was fine and played problem free.

    Now I first suspected this to be a heating problem, so what I did was buy 2 new coolermaster fans, checked the airflow, and installed them.
    The problem declined (meaning I could play longer) but after a while it started doing it again.
    I then started playing videogames with my cpu and the gpu fan at 100%, same story, it helped for a while but then the problem occured again.
    Now, I had already checked the pc for dust so that wasnt it.
    I then suspected my cpu might be shutting off as a safety precaution due to the overheating.
    This was strengthened by the fact that if I gradually kept the tempratures down by pausing a game, then alt tabbing back and letting the tempratures drop down, then resume playing I could play for as long as I wanted (of course this isnt really a fine method as it totally takes the pacing out of your gameplay, and its impossible to do in multiplayer mode for a game).
    So I figured, meh, I might need to replace the cpu cooling, or the thermal paste.
    However, I stress tested it with everest and I got the cpu up to 65c and it ran problem free.
    So its not a cpu problem either.

    I then tried downclocking my Factory oced 9800gtx to standard values (750 down to 675 for the core).
    It didnt help either.

    It can not be my PSU as other graphically intensive games like Gears of War run fine, problem free, while a game on the same engine (UT3) will shut the pc down after a while too.

    Any ideas ?

    Im running an updated system with the new 190.15 drivers (it doesnt matter which driver I use though, the problem occurs in them all).
    I had this in Vista, and I have it in XP too (I started using XP again a while ago).
    The only thing that isnt updated is my motherboard bios, as I have no clue how...

    Any clues what might be going on?
  28. looks very simmilar, but we have diffrent cards and mobos.

    also, i have TF2 (Source engine) which runs completely fine, but 2 out 4 of maps in left4dead(also Source) shut down my PC.

    well, i cant fix my problem, but maybe you have a diffrent one.

    check if you have BSODs enabled(My Computer->properties->start up and recovery-> turn off automatic restart), check if you got any error in the event viewer?

    download coretemp, to test temperature, its the most accurate program.\

    open up 2 calculators (i think you need 4 since its quad core), use scientific view and tell him to calculate the factorial(N! button) of 10000000000 in each of them, it should stress all 4 cores to 100%, monitor your CPU temps and see if crashes.
    under 72C for CPU is good.
  29. Hey Alon,
    Automatic restart was off.
    No errors.

    I did what you said and as you can see in the following screenshot, I couldnt get the temprature above 62c (according to speedfan) for the cpu;

    Theres are 2 problems though, first of all, as you can see, coretemp gives me a 10-12c lower temprature for the cpu then speedfan (and everest, but it isnt open in the screenshot) do.
    So im still not sure on the exact temprature.

    Also, I took my case apart last night, and I cleaned out my heatsink that turned out to have an entire nest of dust bunnies in it, I missed that the first time around.
    I also reset my bios to factory settings, and changed the ram clock from automatically to 533mhz (thats what the bios main page sais its at) and I could play cod4's grassy maps, and call of juarez 2 last night without a SINGLE problem.
    The cpu temp stayed at 55c and the gfx card stayed at 62c.

    So Im not sure if this fixed it or if turned out to be the dust bunnies inside the heatsink after all...

    Cheered to early, got another shutdown in cod4 today. :(
  30. hi all, im bumping this, still have this freaking problem.

    I just installed windows 7, on a new partition, new Drivers (Dx10 instead of 9, also diffrent sound drivers for win7).

    i was playing and having no problems for a full day :O.
    but then after a couple of hours of playing, it just restarted AGAIN.

    Im so pissed off.
  31. Hey Alon,
    I'm having the exact same problem here....
    Having a wee bit of a problem with my build.

    Build info:

    i7 920 cpu (stock)
    Asus P6T6 WS motherboard
    Asus Matrix GTX 285 x2
    2G Corsair DDR3 1600 RAM x3
    Cooler Master real power pro 1000w power supply

    All drives are western digital
    500gb 32mb (for OS)
    750g 16mb
    1t 16mb

    The problem:
    When I play games (ie: Crysis, L4D) the computer randomly restarts. There is no BSOD, no warning and completely random. Can happen 2-5 minutes into the game play, can happen 30-40 minutes into the game play.

    What I have tinkered with and tried
    The RAM i got is a 1600 (and is on QVL for mobo) and, as the mobo says, it can support it in the OC. Dug through some forums and was suggested to just change the ram to 1600 in BIOS, was fine. Then changed the DRAM voltage to 1.64 ( i did 1.64 as I did not like the warning message at 1.65...although supposedly its fine, but still) and QPI to 1.4
    Everything was alright.

    What I did to try and fix it.

    I am 99.999999% sure it is not overheating...
    I have been monitoring the system as that was my first though and while gaming and doing 3d mark test, CPU hovered around 51-60C while GPUs were never above 71C (on Crysis, everything on ultra high). The case is a HAF good airflow as well...

    Computer worked fine, then while gaming randomly restarted, a messaged popped up saying "overclocking failed" I went into BIOS and everything was back on auto. Did some gaming, random restart. Went back into BIOS, set the ram at 1600, clicked f10 to save and exit, random restart as soon as i pressed i though (aha...bad ram). Went back into bios again, ram was sitting at 1600...i set it to auto, f10....random restarted again as soon as i pressed it. I thought that was very starange so I decided to test the system, gamed.....restart. I thought maybe something up with bios so I updated it and flashed it and set all to default factory. Gamed some more, restarted....I started to get annoyed. I completely reinstalled my GPU drivers, problem continued. At this point I was about 95% there is something wrong with the ram because maybe my tinkering did something to it and also as soon as I touch it in BIOS and attempt to save it, computer restarts. I made sure to change other minor bios settings and then save and exit, and the restart does not happen. Then I thought that maybe when the RAM goes to high frequency it encounters I set it to 1333 which is also supported by the board and without any OCing....f10....again, restarted. I went back into bios and it was sitting at 1333...

    I did a windows memory test which did not detect any errors.
    Also performed a directx test on the problem there either.

    I also checked the event viewer in windows and at first, it was giving me the following after the restart:
    \SystemRoot\SysWow64\Drivers\ULCDRHlp.sys has been blocked from loading due to incompatibility with this system. Please contact your software vendor for a compatible version of the driver.

    I got rid of the program which was dealing with the file (it was a Ulead Burn.Now 4.5 SE) thinking it would help..but no, same problem. Now when I view the even logger all it says is that the system was shutdown unexpectedly. (drivers and bios update was done after I uninstalled the software) but...same thing.

    I am also asking other forums to see if maybe someone has a solution....SO FAR it's coming down to a faulty PSU..............although one would think that 1000watt is sufficient o.O
  32. Quote:
    random restart as soon as i pressed it

    Sorry, only happens in Gaming :/.

    Also, as i said, only in random games.
    The weird thing is, a game that gave me a LOT of Restarts on winXp, Doesn't restart anymore now. But A game that worked Great on XP, Restarts the PC

    I got a new Ram, high quality Kingston, Didn't help.

    As i said in my last post, I installed Win7, New GPU drivers (DirectX 11).

    I have tried everything to fix it, but I have an idea.
    Maybe My GPU THINKS it got overheated and restarts the PC? A software bug?... I'm the only one with this problem, So probably not.
  33. It's not the PSU, This System runs crysis on Very high setttings, and crashes on low(and high) graphics games in random places.
    some source engine games work perfect, Some Restart after 2 minutes.

  34. I had similar symptoms to this due to a static/EMI issue. When you built your PC, did you use any little paper washers between the standoffs/screws/mobo? If you did, that can lead to random restarts. Also, try prime 95 (to stress CPU & Ram) and memtest (to test Ram) just to eliminate those as possibilities.
  35. No i haven't used any of those papers.


    I used a program called "Calculator" to stress the cpu, 100% Useage for 30 minutes, no problems, no overheat, Even with 20% overclock.

    This is a Graphics issue, my best guess is the Graphics card Thinks for some reason its overheating while its not.
  36. I have the same problem.

    It's the mobo.

    Riddick Dark Athena was doing it to me. The only game to do it. The only way I got to play it without random reboots was to built a system on a diff mobo. Literally everything was the same except the mobo. i used one of them Dual AGP/PCI Express AsRock mobos my mate had lying around. Riddick ran from start to finish perfectly i.e. with no crashes at all. Sometimes playing for hours at a time.

    Proir to that I tried a lot of things. Diff memory combinations, timings and voltages, different OSs (it still rebooted on XP and Vista 32), a different HDD and hell I even underclocked the chip.

    I only looked up this problem again cause Wolfenstein has started doing it to me. About 4 missions in! AGHGHGHGH!!!!

    My son was playing GTA4 earlier for about 4 hours non stop with no problems then Wolfenstein reboots the machine after about half an hour of play. What can you do??

    Thought I would just post to say you are not alone. I do believe it is the mobo. Dunno how to fix it except buy a new board.

    Asus P5Q
    Sapphire 4870 512Mb
    8Gb Kingston 1066Mhz
    Vista 64
    320Gb Maxtor DiamondMax
  37. I believe its the 4870 having a software issue, Thinking its overheated while its actually not :(
  38. hello all,

    im experiencing the same problems as the persons above. Random restarts in games (in my case WoW & SFIV), and i also have been testing ram, cpu, and disk drives. No problems i could lay my finger on. Interesting is that i found out when i disabled multicore processing in my bios, the pc wont reboot as much as when i enable it. However the time when it reboots is completely random. I however managed to get the pc to crash in windows aswell, running the "Passmark burnintest". (note: had two cores enabled this time)

    At first i also suspected my PSU, as is the most likely source of random reboots, but recently ive been thinking about the mobo..

    msi p965-f v2
    2x1 gb kingston valueram
  39. I would just ditch the board and often do so save my self from the headache. Look for a mid range board to avoid the problems that plague the low end while avoiding the sky high prices of the high end. Got a 780i ($38.77 after ebay & rma) and a ga 790x ds4 $61 after ship.
  40. AlonTavor said:
    I believe its the 4870 having a software issue, Thinking its overheated while its actually not :(

    in the testing i did, i could get a blue screen (if i was lucky) pointing to "ati kmdag.sys". Also my hd3780 scored a really low score on "2d graphics mark" in "passmark performancetest 7.0", while 3d performance was just fine.
    running "passmark burnintest" also revealed errors in "2d graphics" department. i was just able to see some errors before my pc resetted again..
  41. Guys stop throwing away answers, This is not the board, I have had this board for a while now, BEFORE GETTING THE 4870, used it with a 8600GTS.

    This clearly not a normal problem. I never got a blue screen Related to it.


    I donnu what is Passmark Burnintest, But I tried running a game that used to restart my PC on winxp (Its diffrent games now win7, kinda proves its more of a software bug), But if it doesn't use 3d graphics then you got a different problem.
  42. Well, I have absolutly the same problem... As IT administrator I was trying to find as many reasons for this as possible.

    The problem started after my graphic card died (8800GTX 512).. I will try to mention all things I have done before these "random restarts" started to occure. So, maybe we will find something we have in common even that it will look like "nothing" in first place.

    1) During the problems with my old graphic card I have restarted BIOS to "default" (so I might forgot to set few things, but thats nothing we have in common or at least I think it didnt start for you all like that)

    2) Bought 2 new things
    a) HDD Samsung SpinPoint F3, HD103SJ, SATA II, 32MB - 1TB
    b) DVD-R/+R LF GH22NS, SATA

    3) I replaced old PATA DVD burner and old PATA harddrive (was getting rid off PATA stuff)

    4) I bought Asus Radeon 4850 512MB DDR3 (just this due to buying 5870 soon)

    5) All got in

    6) Day after we had LAN party with friends where I started to have these problems

    My HW:

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600, 2.40GHz, Socket 775 LGA
    Gigabyte GA-P35-DS3P, Rev A2 (Intel chipset)
    Bios - Award soft. Int. (F4 - 5/11/2007)
    Asus Radeon HD 4850 512MB
    500W Powersupply (doesnt really matter since its nothing that would change and all our problems are power supply free)


    Well, most problems are really the same... I play PES2009 - no problem, L4D one map works, another crashes. K

    Killing Floor - error free
    Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising - 1st map the end
    Borderlands - 3rd map the end (before that 4h play without problem) - actualy the 3rd map seems to have less details than those 2 before, means it will not be overheating
    Rainbow Six: Las Vegas 2 - no problems whatsoever
    Risen - this is tough one, on that LAN play it sometimes fell down, now it does not fall down.. (??!?!) - just pure randomness I guess

    While viewing movies from HDD or DVDs, or while browings (simply using 2D) - No problem ever


    Something in common? My old graphic broke at end of last month or so. Maybe its software problem... ---> Which I would say its something that all of us can have even while it looks like HW problem.

    I remember that there was some stability update for Windows 7 which I am using. Maybe there was something similiar for XP and Vista aswell.

    I am using Avast 4.8 Home Edition.

    ATI CCC (but yeah, some people here having NVIDIA graphics which kinda discludes this)

    MS Office 2007

    Windows Defender (isnt in WinXP)


    Any ideas? (even about more common used software that might cause disk... maybe DISK or DRIVE simulators like Daemon Tools which might actualy do something wrong, but I dont have it installed atm... :( )
  43. I forgot to mention that I have Sound Blaster X-Fi ExtremeGamer...
  44. Some funny info about latest game I am having issues with "" - search for "4850"..

    Game was actualy turning off fans on his 4850.. Might be something like that.. software based problem, since its only in games and we have no problem with power supply, graphic drivers etc.
  45. Sounds like my problem, as you see this Thread is very old, And i still didn't figure it out, Had 2 installs of XP and now win 7, And nothing.
  46. At least in Borderlands something has fixed.. Well, I have switched disks on SATA around aswell as power cables there (due to connecting all again), went to BIOS and in power management I set for powering off with button (yes..) 4sec delay instead of instant-off. And downloaded GPUTool and set my fan on graphic card for constant cooling. Played whole night, no problem. Will test out the rest.
  47. Where can i find that in the Bios? :o

    I tried on XP to set my gpu to 100%, Was also playing with the built in sound card disabled from the Bios, So i was hearing the fan working. Doesn't turn off for me.

    I also tried playing on low settings, underclocked the GPU, with FPS capped on 60, And it still happens, Don't think it has anything to do with heat.

    Imma gonna check that power off button thing.
  48. couldn't find anything about power off button in the Bios.
    Do you have a Asus P5Q?
  49. No, I have Gigabyte P35-DS3P... Maybe its not in yours like that.

    Well, it happened to me again, just once but it gets kinda annoying..

    Tomorrow I'll have little PC upgrade.

    Switching to Thermaltake Armor+ case and Fortron 700W power supply together with Sapphire Radeon 5870. We'll see if it will be there again.

    I will get really mad if it will..
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