Look over my 1st full system build/OC for stability please

Here are the test results


3Dmark11 results:


Seems stable, only issue thus far is that when I first turn on the computer it starts for about 2 seconds, shuts off, and then starts again at which point it boots up just fine. Any ideas on this?

How does the overclock look? Tried for 4.8-5.0 OC at 1.375Vcore but was a no go under certain stress tests so I backed it off to what you see above.

Thanks guys!
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    IBT with five runs isn't enough for an stable rig.

    Use y-cruncher y-cruncher in stress test mode*, LinX, prime95 or OCCT for more that eight hours for stability.

    *Launch the program, press 2, enter, 0, enter, x GB (x being nearly how much RAM your system has free according to task manager), and press enter. The program will periodically indicate how much time has been consumed for the testing.

    Then you can call your overclock stable.
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