450 Watt PSU Enough for...

a GTX 260 card? im currently running...

Foxconn A74MX-K Motherboard
AMD Dual core 5000+ (Over clocked from stock 2.6 Ghz to 3.06 Ghz)
2x1 GB ddr2 Kingston RAM
LG Dvdrw/cdrw combo drive
BFG 450 Watt GS Series
HIS Radeon 4650 512mb

it recommends a 500+ but id rather not buy a new PSU (Just bought it this year)

if i cant run this card:

Whats the best PCIE card for about $160? i dont care whether its Nvidia or ATI as i wont run it in crossfire and my motherboard doesnt support SLI.
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  1. 1. what PSU do you have, make & model #? watts are often misleading. How many rails, amps on the 12v, etc., does it have?
    2. at your price range, its a tie between the 4870 & GTX 260 for best card. Tie breaker would be price, bundled games, preferred manufacturer, etc.,
  2. straight from the manufacturers website:

    also the 260 is posts faster framerates than the 4870 correct?
  3. 1. your PSU will run the card.
    2. depends on the games, some games run better on Nvidia then ATI and vice-versa. Your best bet would be to check video card reviews that test on your favorite games. Either way, both are great games and you cant go wrong with either one.
  4. Thanks for the help ct1615, i was just afraid i would bottleneck the card with my PSU.
  5. Lawl Attack said:
    Thanks for the help ct1615, i was just afraid i would bottleneck the card with my PSU.

    You can't bottleneck the card with a psu....what resolution are you playing at? its kind of pointless to get one of these when a 4770 or similar would be more than enough....
  6. I Ended up getting this card:

    I'm satisfied with my purchase. :)
  7. I agree, it will likely work.

    "bottleneck" is not the correct word. For example, when you say a CPU bottlenecks a graphics card it means that the game won't run any faster even if you get a better graphics chip or overclock the current one. If a PSU isn't good enough your system has either intermittent glitches or completely crashes.
  8. Well in that case, is there a chance my current CPU will bottleneck my soon to be new card (Linked in an earlier post)? i did overclock it from stock 2.6 ghz -> 3.06 ghz stable no issues for a week now...
  9. No....damn i want to grab that 4870...i might just buy one later this week if its stays at that price...
  10. they had that deal up earlier today, and it sold out in less than an hour! i set it on auto notify and when it came back in stock i got one :) (if you scroll down the page you can get battle forge or stormrise for free with the card! shipped for free also)
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