Best budget AMD phenom X4 955BE aircooler?

what is the best air cooler for AMD phenom X4 955BE?
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    Best budget one is the hyper 212+ nothing else comes close at its price
  2. As above. the 212+ performs on par with coolers 3 times the price. If you want cheap cooling, its the best bet.
  3. ok thanks! hmmm..i am using,
    Asus M4A78LT-M LE, aerocool vs-9 midtower case,sapphire hd 6850,can i fit the hyper212 plus ? can i fit a coolmaster v8 or v6gt?
  4. They should all fit, the V8 is not good for the price and the V6GT is good but noisy, if you want something better than the 212+ look at Zalman or thermalright I can't remember which models are the best though sorry. Also I highly recommend not paying more than the 212+ as you don't really need it on a Phenom x4 and you can also upgrade the fans if you find you do need a bit more.
  5. hyper 212+, scmg-2100, frio, V6GT, SA/NH-D14

    pick whatever you can afford if you got more money don't spend it save it
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  7. When the 212+ was $30 or less it was a great deal -- now that it is $40+ not so much. The woods are full of 92/120mm aftermarket coolers in the $25 range which will work 'just dandy'
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