I am a Turbo-V idiot, and froze my custom PC

Hello,I just built a super gaming computer, spent 6200.00 bucks on it. Well, i had it running beautiful for 2 days and this morening i decided to open the Turbo-V suit, and turn up the "dummy" OC way too high. When I hit 'apply" the computer froze, and i had to turn it off. Now when i start it up, i hear the initial single beep, then after a few seconds i hear a very fast double beep, and my screen remains BLACK, nothing.... ""system specs"mobo- asus rampage 3 extreem, +++ intel 990x 6-core 3.46 extreem cpu+++ evga 580 water cooled copper block single bay video cards x2 in SLI, 16 gig corsair ram ddr3 1000w kingwin PSU inside a thermaltake level 10 gt case with a custom water cooling system 120mm radiator, and a 240 mm radiator..... heeeeelp. =....(
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  1. Oh yes, I forgot to add i did read a thread in here on resetting the bios to default by hitting delete durring the splash screen, and then selecting 'reset to default' ... f5.... but unfortunately i can not do this, because i no longer have any screen at all, it stays black. so no splash screen at all, nothing, nadda, zip, zilch. I am crying....
  2. First thing would be to try resetting your CMOS. Either use the jumper or just remove the battery for several seconds. That will reset the BIOS.

    If you get it working again and want to overclock it, start by reading reviews and then OC it from the BIOS manually...
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