How to restore damaged Raid1 partition

I have 2 disk on raid1 ,i made it with freenas, its running fine, until i decide to download windows server 2008 trial version,i install freenas on usb HDD for backup along with my current config, then i install windows server,

when its finished, windows detect my 2 raid1 disk as unformatted disk, because i need the data in raid1 disk, so i decide to reboot back using my freenas usb HDD,

but i miss to press F8 during the reboot, so it back loading windows server, i wait for a while, i can see windows installing driver for usb HDD (its my freenas boot disk) , after that i reboot the windows then choose usb HDD as my first boot,

then my computer show error message "missing operating system" , i grab my freenas cd to reinstall ,

after my freenas up and running, i restore it using my backup configuration, freenas was not able to mount the raid1 disk, although the 2 disk are up and running, try to check the raid1 disk with fsck,

Result for fsck
root: mount: /dev/mirror/RAIDDisk01p1 : No such file or directory
root: Error: Failed to mount /dev/mirror/RAIDDisk01p1 using UFS

I check both of disk using PartedMagic, Disk status is

File System: UFS
Label: RAIDDisk01
First Sector: 64
Last Sector: 488397119
Total Sector:488397056
Warning: Cannot read the contents of this file system!

its seems somehow windows server wrote/modifying something to the partition, i wanna use TestDisk to try restore it, but i`m a newbie, afraid might doing something wrong.

Please help, Thanks You
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  1. You may have to make another boot drive so you can look at the raid drive so you can and see if your data is still there, if it is move it to that drive, this is why you always have a back up. Even on my small systems I have 3 drives, one for the OS and only the OS, one for files, and one to backup the file drive.
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