PSU or Video Card problem?

Hi, firt sorry for my english : ) I bought an XFX 275GTX and I experienced some problems. When Im Playing the system shuts down. whats wrong? 36 A not enough for this ? I have a Thermaltake toughtpower 700w modular. Is some kind of power fail? I have read that 700w PSU was enough por that VGA.

CPU E6600@ 3.0mhz. + thermalright 120 extreme
Asus P5n32e -sli
2x2 Geil 800 mhz @ stock
SSD gskill 128gb w/ Xp64
1.5 T seagate 7200
PSU thermaltake toughtpower 700w modular.
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  1. Need more info - does the system just turn off, or do you get the blue screen of death? also is this a new build, or did you just upgrade the video card?
  2. Hi just turn off, no blue screen or desktop. when im playing takes 2-4 minutes and turn off. is an upgrade of video card
  3. First check your temperature readings inside the BIOS. Let the PC run at idle for at least 10 minutes and watch your CPU temp. The power supply could be doing exactly what it is supposed to be doing by triggering a shutdown (over-current/overvoltage protection) protecting the rest of your hardware.
  4. Just a strait shut off would lead me to also think it's an overheating problem. Check your temps at idle and load 8)
  5. temp CPU 40° GPU 50° idle
    CPU 51° GPU 79° load

    tested with: bios idle, & everest, GPUz, nvidia ntunes
  6. this problem started when I bought the Video Card
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