Where are the folder for the running processes

where are the folder of the running processes? There is a virus that keeps on running over and over again and it is in my task manager. even if i terminate it, it keeps on coming up. I would like to delete the file itself. I have runned the trojan remover over and over again. As soon as it's clean again and restart the computer the virus is back. help me pls
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  1. Umm...by runing over and over again...seems to me, it's a service that's running at startup, not an actual virus.
    go to Start>Run and type msconfig and press ok. Go to startup tab and uncheck the service that's bugging you.Restart.

    If it really IS a virus, then run Malwarebytes (google it , download, install and give it a scan)
    And how come you don't have an antivirus? (there are some antiviruses that gives trial. Try Kaspeski or Avast) Try scaning with one of those if Malwarebytes isn't enough... :hello:
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