Bizarre Monitor resolution and display issue

I'll try to be as detailed as I can, you'll see i've done some decent testing (i think), so hopefully this will be an issue you already know about with an easy fix :p

My basic problem is, I just bought a new PC (nvidia GT295), and a new monitor (samsung 2433BW), and i cannot for the life of me get it to recognize the monitor as the main display, using DVI, at the native res of 1920x1200.

I also have my old PC (nvidia 8800GT) hooked up to a similar monitor (Samsung 226BW [native res 1680x1050])

If i use a DVI > VGA converter in my graphics card, then it works fine connecting from the GT295 to the 2433BW at 1920x1200 as main monitor. However if i switch that cable for a DVI > DVI cable, then when i boot the PC, i get no picture at all.

If i set the resolution down to 1680x1050, i can get picture on both monitors using the dvi cable from the 2433BW.

I can get full resolution and main monitor settings on both monitors using the VGA adaptor from the GT295 at both of their native resolutions.

I can get picture at 1650x1050 from my 8800GT on the 2433BW monitor using DVI > DVI, but not any higher.

However, I begin to lose the plot a bit at this point, because if i plug the VGA cable into the 8800GT, and then a DVI cable into the 2433BW, using the nvidia control panel i can set the 2433BW to 1920x1200 res, and it works fine alongside the other. I can even set it as primary monitor, and it works, though it still shows as the "second" monitor in the nvidia control panel multiple display setup. This does not change if i switch the cables around between the 2 DVI ports in the GT295.
If i unplug the VGA from the 226BW, the 2433BW remains working at 1920x1200 (with a second default analog monitor showing in the nvidia control panel), however when I restart it immediatly reverts back to seeking for the VGA analog monitor as main and shows no picture on the DVI digital display.

I know both PC's can display 1920x1200 using DVI on the 2433BW (as shown using dual monitor setup with the other monitor connected by VGA), so I know there is no faulty hardware. All i want is to be able to connect my new pc to my new monitor using 1 DVI cable, and having it load up on screen from power on and bios to windows with the new monitor as main monitor.

Any responses would be greatly appreciated, i'll probably be spam checking the thread for responses, I'll test anything I can. Hope this is enough information
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  1. Do you have the new video card in the Primary PCI-E slot on the motherboard?
  2. it was a custombuilt PC from, so i assume it is, but no guarantees. I assume that would be the top slot? if it is the top one, then yes it is
  3. Dont you have any manuals from the company? Find out what the motherboard is and read the damn manual. Don't you think, the card they had installed would be in the primary slot? (the older card) and maybe that is way you can't enable your new monitor on the NEW card, (installed in the secondary PCI-E slot) as your primary display?
  4. I could be missing something from what you said, but they are 2 separate machines.. both cards aren't in the same machine. Confirmed they are both in the primary slots of each board though.
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