Do I have Bad power supply or mother board

This morning I got up and my second comp was dead tryed to hit power button but no go. After unplugging power and figiting with it I got power to come on on mother board but doesnt boot. The little digital read out on mother board has an FF come up and that is it usualy FF comes up on the little 2 digit dgital read out then it changes and boots up.
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  1. You said that it was your second computer. Try taking the power supply out of your other computer and hooking it up into there. That might be the quickest and easiest way to see if it is really the power supply.
  2. Sounds like motherboard.

    By the way, waking up to a broken computer is basically the worst feeling in the world.
  3. I changed out power supplies from my working computer to the non working computer and no change so it must be a bad mother board. Thanks for the input.
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