Arctic Cooling Accelero - Will this problem affect perfomance?


I bought a Arctic Cooling Accelero but the thermal tape (I think it's thermal tape) got a bit scratched up.

Do I need to buy some thermal compound to fix it or will it be ok as is?

To help, I've attached a link with a picture of the Arctic Cooling Accelero. There are two small scratches in the gray part that took some of the tape with it, I am not sure if it matters but would like to be sure before it's installed on the GPU.
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  1. So is that a thermal pad or is it pre-applied thermal paste?

    Actually in either case, you'd get better performance going out and buying some MX3 or some other decent TIM.

    That said if it is preapplied TIM and the scratch is very small, you could probably still just put it on, it won't change temps too much. But you'd be better off just removing it all and applying a good TIM like I mentioned.
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