Should i keep this or not?


I just order a vertex 2 120gb from newegg a couple days ago when it was on the shellshocker deal for $170 after mri's. It seems that the new sandforce drivers are coming out soon so would it be worth it to keep it? Also considering ocz has problems with rebates from what ive heard and sometimes they dont honor them. What do you guys think?

Also if i decide to keep with and reinstall windows 7 on my laptop, will it take care of all the important stuff for me like turn on TRIM, disable indexing etc?
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  1. Keep it. And I've received all my OCZ rebates.

    If it really is a Vertex 2, it has "the new sandforce controller" 1200. If you're thinking of the Vertex 3, that's for SATA III, which I doubt your laptop has.

    A fresh install "will take care of all the improtant stuff." You may want to do a few tweaks, but I don't concern myself with most of them.

    I'll see if I can find the tweaks...
  2. Ya i forgot about the vertex 3 having sata3, and ya its a vertex 2. I just got it today so ill send in my mri soon. Thanks for the help.
  3. Definitely keep the Vertex 2, you can't beat it at the price you paid. Here are the Windows 7 SSD tweaks...
  4. Thanks for the help guys! Installed it and its great. I have get form POST to desktop in about 20 seconds. But just to make sure everything is good I wanna benchmark it. I know your not supposed to use traditional benchmarking tools like hdtune because it writes too much on the ssd and is not good for it. Can you guys recommend a program? I heard of AS SSD but idk if this is good either.
  5. Am I doing something wrong:

    It seems too far off from what i should be getting. Im running in ahci mode.
  6. If your motherboard has an Intel chipset, download and install the "Intel RST drivers". That may speed it up a bit.
  7. Its installed in an alienware m11x laptop. I updated chipset drivers and rapid storage driver from intel as well. I read somewhere that AS SSD isnt really meant to benchmark sandforce driven ssd because it writes uncompressed data to the drive, and the sandforce drivers write compressed, so depending on what its actually reading can effect those scores. Regardless of that ive been looking around and people seem to still be getting numbers closer to advertised speeds. ATTO, though, gave me 250/140 for seq read/write and better values for the 4k randoms (which i forgot). Maybe its just what benchmark your running?
  8. Looking at your benchmark, it seems you are not using the Intel RST drivers as it shows "msahci", which is Microsoft's driver. Intel RST driver would display "iastor".
  9. that looks fine that's a SSD benchmark..

    sandforces are usually benchmarked on the generic benchmarks that support data compression. The one you used has randomized data which is lower results with all SSD's

    the only number that looks wierd is the third down on left.. but mine was 20something MB on a sandforce g2(from microcenter)

    as mentioned try intel's drivers if you have intel chipset
  10. LordConrad said:
    Looking at your benchmark, it seems you are not using the Intel RST drivers as it shows "msahci", which is Microsoft's driver. Intel RST driver would display "iastor".

    Ya i installed them yesterday, but didnt know when they were actually working. I reran it and now it appears as "iastor", i guess theyre alright.

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