What card vendors support 4 DVI monitors w/ two boards?

Had just bought 2ea BFG GeForce 9500GT dual-DVI boards. BFG Technology tech support has just informed me they DO NOT support running 4 monitors using two of ANY of their video cards. (Can you say NewEgg RMA?)

Does any one know of video card vendors who support such a thing?

I have 4 Samsung 1680 x 1050 SyncMaster 205BW monitors, Gigabyte EX58-UD5 MB, Intel Core i7 920 CPU, 850 Watt PS, Vista Ultimate 64-bit.

Thanks in advance,
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  1. they probably meant in SLI, as long as each graphics card has 2 DVI out, then you shouls be able to with 2

    the other solution is using a Radeon 4850X2 with 4 DVI and disable the internal crossfire to use the GPU's independently

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  2. Update:

    I made it clear I was asking if they supported this configuration even without SLI, and they said no.

    A second call to BFG Tech support cleared the matter up. The earlier tech support person said several times they do not "support" the configuration because (he apparently meant to say) it is their policy not to walk users through the process of setting up four monitors. But in my experience when a manufacturer says they don't support a given configuration it means they don't recommend it.

    I already had four monitors working just fine, I had simply encountered a problem when I tried to enable SLI. I have no problem disabling SLI now that I know SLI cannot be used in a 4 monitor, 2 card configuration like this.

    The second tech support person assured me they do not recommend against using multiple boards with 2 monitors on each board like this.

    I like these video boards, and I like the lifetime guarantee, so I will cancel the NewEgg RMA and keep them.

    Thanks for your help,
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