550 or 720BE?

For my needs, I need atleast a tri core (basic gaming and mid-multireading computer).
If I buy a x3, luck to have perfect tri core CPU is 100% but a quad one is uncertain, right? ;)
However, if I buy a x2 I save 30 buck but my chances having a stable tri or quad core is uncertain.

I feel jew to hesitate for 30$ but it seems that it's extremly easy to make a x2 into a quad core processor. What would you do?

Out of topic:
I don't know if I got this from THWs review, but they reported that the x2-x3 were slower (bus speed) than the x4. Can you explain this?
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  1. If you really need the X3, buy it...but if you don't need it get the X2 and save 30$.

    For the other thing, I asked me the same.
  2. @ saint - For the other thing, I asked me the same.

    I was planning on that but I don't know if all of the unclocking cores are that fiable. I mean, it's like if in their test you had to be REALLY unlucky if your CPU can't run on a quad one. W/E.
  3. As far as the 550 vs. the 720, you do have a much bigger chance of unlocking if you decide to go with the 550. Last I heard was that Newegg's current batch unlocks just fine... As far as the 720 your chances of unlocking are very slim.

    Both Cpu's are great dispite one having an extra core, but as far as performance goes I personally think the 550 is a faster CPU when overclocked past 3.6Ghz due to the fact that the 720's normally max out at 3.5/3.6Ghz while the 550 can acheive over 4Ghz.

    If you will not overclock then the 720 would be your best choice for your needs, but you do have the downside as far as unlocking that CPU... I would not buy a CPU just for unlocking purposes. If you really need more than 2 cores then go with the 720 or better yet a 945...

    As far as the bus speed goes, that is false since all 3 CPU's are based from the same die. The only difference is that an x2 has 2 disabled cores, the x3 has 1 disabled core and the x4 runs all 4 cores.
  4. ^ with the I asked me the same

    I not refer to unlock the core of the X2, i refer to the diference of the bus speed.
  5. I think that the 550 is faster too but it's just because of stock clock... it's the same die so I bet its just a feeling =)

    Edit: Ah ok... If I remember what they said, it was a problem with sisoft (or something like this).
  6. The 550 is faster if we compare both CPU's at stock speeds, and it is faster when overclocked to the MAX, but the 720 has an extra core (if you really need it)...
  7. Can you give me your complete build? Your mobo has a 750SB? I am looking for a build supporting full-hd movies/games at low cost [1000$], your actual build supports it?
  8. My PC :

    Antec 300 (modded)
    Asrock 780a WiFi Sli
    550 @ 4.0Ghz 1.45v
    AC Freezer Pro
    BFG GTX 260 Core 216
    2x 2GB G.Skill @ 866
    2x WD Blk 640 Raid0
    SB ExtremeGamer
    Thermaltake TP 850w
    Win XP Pro SP3

    My PC does not have an SB750, it is an Nvidia 780a Tri-Sli motherboard....

    What exactly are you looking for? For 1000$ you have many options and you also have the option to buy the new i5 that will be released next week....
  9. i5 build with for a budget of 1000$ is a bit tight... Lot of people are really enthusiasm with the coming of i5 but (I know it's intel) we can't be sure it is going to be as the i7 (performance/price of course ):).
    Ah well, I thought I had only two alternatives: 550 or 720. Now I think I'll wait and see what happens with the "famous" i5.
  10. Well I personally know about 3 peeps that already have the 750 paired with a gigabyte P55 and they are getting higher scores and benches compared to the i7... I am waiting till Monday (launch) to see if it is really worth it or not.... i think it is......

    Of course the i5 build will cost more than a mid-range AMD build but the performance I have seen so far for the i5 is outstanding.....
  11. The i5 performance is very good from what we have seen and heard so far. And I am very curious to see their overclock rate. As small as they are I have a feeling we could get some more power out of them then we think.
  12. That is really interesting!
    What do you mean by "As small as they are". Its power consumption is lower for comparative performance versus the i7?
    I think I'll do some research. :)

    edit: After reading some advised comment, I think I'll wait for i5 release and see whats AMD reaction (if they drop their prices). As for the i7, i5 will be an overkiller build for my needs. Phenom BE CPUs are cheap and have good overall performance. After reading some topic about the i5, I realised that we all want to have the best for our money and that's why people wait for something better even if they know they don't really need it.
    For me, I'm still studying and I need a near perfect rank to succeed in my life. I want this computer for few years and I don't need the brand new CPU that is probably going to be too performant for actual applications. I think I'll stick with the phenom 550 and choose a better graphic card instead of spending more money for something I don't need.
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