Maxtor Diamond Max 22 HDD not detected in bios


I have a problem with my sata maxtor hdd which happens to be my primary drive.

Was working fine no problem, turned pc off to go bed. Woke up to use it and the hdd is not detected in the bios at all.

I did not update anything or change any settings the previous day it was working. The 2nd sata drive is detected fine.

I can hear the drive power up and spin etc but theres no unusual sounds coming from it.

I have tried swapping cables around with ones that I know work and tried the maxtor hdd in another pc but no luck.

Any advise would be helpful

Specs are

Asus p5ql/epu mobo
OCZ Stealth 600w psu
Intel quad core q660 2.4
2gb geil ram
gigabyte gts250 1gb
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  1. Your model is affected by Seagate's 7200.11 BSY firmware bug, in which case Seagate is still offering free data recovery.

    Otherwise see this thread for an easy DIY fix:

    See the following bulletin for an explanation of the BSY bug.

    Urgent Field Update. Topic: Drive Hang after Power Cycle:
  2. thanks for the links fzabkar I will take a look at them and I hope they solve the problem
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