POS PSU, or do I just need a UPS

I swapped my older and higher wattage PSU into my i7 case after turning on the TV plugged in nearby casued my computer to hard reset, no errors in the log other then it shut down unexpectedly and that was the only time it has done this. Before I had several lockups, and one incedent where the nvidia driver stopped working.

My older power supply is better, but its older and when its off I swear I can hear the transformers inside, I been pulling my hair out trying to figure things like this out thinking it may of been the vid card, or amybe some random software issue, I still don't know if this will solve the problem, though I do know the only crashes I had before was running SecondLife and Blender at the same time.

When and if the PSU goes from simply old age, is there any recomendation for a really good and stable PSU?

DX58SO Mobo (bios version 4196)
i7 processor
6 GB of Kingston memory
Using the crappy on board Realtek audio
650 GB Hitachi hard drive

Now using 850 WATT (950 peak) PSU by turbo cool.
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  1. Hi ^_^ Here's the short and simple answer for you:


    A great PSU and very inexpensive right now. It's what the majority of people are putting into i7 builds it seems.
  2. ^Overkill. But anyways, are you talking about the PC Power & Cooling Turbo Cool or something else?
  3. Shadow703793 said:
    ^Overkill. But anyways, are you talking about the PC Power & Cooling Turbo Cool or something else?

    Turbo Cool is the name of my PSU, odd name I know, the one that it reset when I turned on my TV was a BFG 800 watt, maybe i just have crappy power in my area.
  4. ^Can you link to it?
  5. http://www.newegg.com/product/product.aspx?Item=N82E16817703002

    Ah sorry, its made by PC power and cooling, blag.....eh, from the looks of it, its reviews were not so great, but mine has lasted a while hmm.....

    What I would like is modular PSU
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