GTX 275 red lines through screen!

Hi everyone

I am having a problem with my graphics my system is :

New Built system
Corsair TX 850
EX-58 Extreme
Geforce GTX 275
HAF 932
Corsair 1600 DDR3
I7 920
V8 cool master CPU fan

OS - Windows 7

I have installed the latest nvidia 64 bit driver for the GTX275

After 15 - 20 mins my screen goes funny the desktop gets pink dots all over it and even in bootup to windows in does the sceen has red lines through it. Any idea what could be causing this?

help! please
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  1. Heat issue is my first suspect. Have you checked the temps of the GPU? But since it's a brand new build, if you're saying it's had this problem since day one, probably a bad videocard, need to RMA.
  2. Something like this?

    If you are getting graphic corruption during POST on a cold startup then the card is faulty, RMA it.
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