My custom pc won't boot after changing CPU voltage.

A few days ago I changed the voltage on my CPU. Then I rebooted and it wouldent boot, nothing will show up on my monitor.I tried to reset the CMOS but I still get nothing. I am new to this and I don't know what to do please help me.
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  1. It didn't work.
  2. And post system specs when you ask for help.

    Look in the motherboard manual for instructions about clearing the CMOS memory.

    Sometimes removing the battery for (only) 5 minutes does not clear the CMOS. You need to short 2 pins or leave the battery out for an extended period of time - like overnight.
  3. Power off the PSU when clearing the CMOS. Then you don't have to wait for more than a few minutes. How much voltage did you apply to your CPU? Enough to fry it?
  4. I don't remember how much I cangedi
  5. hahahahahahah
  6. Alston770 said:
    I don't remember how much I cangedi

    Should you really be changing voltage settings if you cant remember how much you changed it by? If im changing it, I atleast remember how much I changed it by so that I can go back if its not stable.
  7. +1 @ jsc

    Check your manual on how to clear your boards CMOS.
  8. I looked in the manual and did what it seid but it didn't work.
  9. have a biostar ta790gxe mb, and it doasnt make sense how the manual seis to reset the CMOS.
  10. There's two lights that r off which indicate a chipset error so what does that meen?
  11. What do you mean it doesn't make sense?

    and also this is something you really should have made sure you could do before messing around with voltages, in fact voltages are the last thing you to be messing around with if you don't know what your doing as you could fry your parts.

    When your first starting out with overclocking and aren't used to all the numbers and settings you should ALWAYS have a pad and pen to write done every change you make every time you make one.
  12. Well I will know next time so could you stop telling wHat not to do and please help me.
  13. Try another CPU.
  14. Alston770 said:
    Well I will know next time so could you stop telling wHat not to do and please help me.

    Look I asked why it didn't make sense so I can see if I could help you understand then gave some advice on what not to do as well as what to do next time so if you would answer me rather then snap at me I can try to help.

    Also is it making any beeping noises when you turn it on? Or is it just powering up but no noise and no post screen? Did you happen to smell anything weird inside the case like burning plastic?

    It could be possible that you fried the CPU or maybe even the motherboard. If it isn't beeping and no post screen at all sounds like the motherboard.
  15. It smells fine, there's no beep even when I take the ram out it powers up and all the fans spin but the there's a CPU or chipset error and I don't know which.
  16. If you applied too much voltage to the CPU, then it most likely got fried, but it won't smell. Applying too much voltage to the CPU shouldn't damage the motherboard. Can you test your CPU or have it tested?
  17. You can try reseating the CPU. However, I hate to say it, it sounds like a fried CPU.
  18. How can I test it or get it tested?
  19. It's very easy. You install it in another know good system to see if it works. If you only have one system, then bring it to a shop and have them test it for you. You could also RMA the CPU.
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