Difference between data disc and regular hard drive

Building my computer for the first time, placed two 250g hd's where one reads "LOCAL Disk C @ 232 g and the other reads "DATA @ 116g". The Local disc C has xpPro OS on it, the other I am not sure why it was cut in two down to 116gb.

I at one time tried to place Ubuntu on the drive but the system never recognised it. That maybe the reason the Data drive, which I may not have formatted, shows to be 116gb where Ubuntu partioned the drive and is on it.

Would I go into the BIOS to change the boot sequence to boot from the second drive first?

Does any of this make sense?
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  1. If you want to dual boot, first make sure your operating systems are compatible.
    #2-If you don't like your 232GB disk being split in two, go into disk management (Right-Click My Computer and choose Manage) and delete the partitions then format it (You will lose everything on that disk).

    The bios thing would change the boot order and could work. You also could go to your boot menu during bootup and select the drive you want (sometimes you press F8, Esc, F12, or something like that).

    Data disc refers to a data optical (CD, DVD, etc.) because disc spelled with a C means that. A data disk and your local disk are probably just differentiated by which one has windows on it.
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