Good business grade router for under $500.

Hi all.
I am needing to install a new router to act as a front end to two subnets.
We have a primary static IP associated with a business grade DSL line, and a block of exposed static ip addresses that are mapped to our primary static IP by our ISP. If we have a router that supports subnets we can map the exposed block IP's to internal subnets.
We currently need to support two subnets each with their own exposed static IP addresses.
Sub net A will have about 10 users and light sporadic traffic ( 500M per week mostly down), where stability is the primary requirement.
Subnet B can have anywhere from 0 to 15 users but most likely has an average peak of 4 users with light traffic requirements < 100M per week up and down. This can tolerate a little instability.
I would like to have this working within 2 weeks.

That's the background. The question I have is what is a good router for this?
- I want it to have a minimum of 4 ports but 8 would be preferred ( to allow for future flexibility)
- running 10m to wan and 100M on LAN side.
- Supports sub nets on a per LAN port basis.
- web based management interface if not a full gui. Don't want to become a command line expert.

I can see Juniper routers that would support this for $1000 or more and I feel Cisco will charge you as much as you are willing to pay for business grade routers but what would be a good moderately priced business grade router for this? As well I have tried one Cisco router and it only had a command line interface and I am still trying to figure that out. Don't want to need to be Cisco certified to get this working.

I do not believe the linksys, dlink, type sub $100 routers are stable enough. We have experimented with these and are finding them not as reliable as desired. The reason I am led to believe these are not as robust is the small amount of memory. I personally am finding they are less heat tolerant and fail more easily if not in ideal temperature settings.

I have seen reference to open source routers and switches based on Linux and others and this looks interesting but I am not sure this solution can be in place in a timely manner. I would have to learn how to configure these for the sub nets if they support sub nets.

Any suggestions?
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  1. I have looked a little further and can see Cisco 800 routers that look like they will do the trick for the right price. $500 new $350 used. Will need to accept 4 ports restriction but if I am able to configure it for what I want I can tolerate the 4 port limit.
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