New system Build (Nice One)

Hey everybody. Getting ready to buy a new machine. This will be my 1st build.
I would like to hear your Opinion about these machine!!!

C.P.U - I7 920.

M.B - Rampage II GENE.

Memory - Mushkin DDR3 3GB (1024MBx3) 1333Mhz CL 6-6-6-18 XP 998674.

Graphics Card - Asus GTX260 TOP.

Hard Drive - Western Digital 2x640GB 32MB.

Cooling - Mugen II 5 Heat Pipes CPU Cooler.

CASE - Antec P182 Mid Tower Black.

POWER SUPPLY - Corsair TX 750W Active PFC 12cm Fan.

Monitor - Viewsonic VX2640w 26 Wide screen LCD Monitor.

Key Board - Logitech Cordless Desktop S520.
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  1. Me again.
    I usually use VMware and games like COD and FallOut3.
    and my budget is about 3000$
  2. Please use the Sticky, and need to know your budget and where your located.
  3. The build looks pretty good, but I would get a full-size ATX motherboard like the ASUS P6T Deluxe V2 and 6GB of RAM, especially since you use VMware.
  4. I am located in Israel and I checked the prices of all parts it is about 10000 shekels.
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