GTX 295 faulty?

Hi guys,

I've just bought an XFX GTX295 gfx card, when i replaced it with my 9800 gtx plugged in 6 & 8 pin connectors, i got the green light but when i turn on the system. THe speaker beeps with a one long and 2 short beeps which is VGA detection error i beileve.
Cables are tested, all working without any adapter and i have the green light from the card itself but the gfx fan doesnt spin.

I've tried and firmly fit the card several times and its always the same. I updated my bios, check the cabling and it doesnt seems to post beyond bios, no display and these 3 beeps. When i plug back my old card, it works fine. The only thing i can think is that there is a 2 pin connector on the display card and a cable for that,i believe that can be the SPDIF connector for hdmi display so not plugging that in shouldnt cause a problem, right?

Here is my system (verything in factory settings, nothing OCd)
Intel Q9650 Quad Core
Asus 790i Extreme 2 mobo with on board sound card
6 gb corsair 1600mhz
1.5TB Seagate Barracuda 7200 rpm
Cooler master 1000w real power PSU

Please help before i RMA the card, if i am missing anything. Many thanks..
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  1. it's in the top slot?
  2. Yep it is in the top slot, where the old gtx 9800 used to be :(
  3. Hvae you tried breadboarding, one stick RAM at a time?
  4. Well rams work fine with the old gfx card and memtest86+ passes all tests. Any ideas?
  5. I'm not familiar with your PSU but is it possible for the 6 and 8 pin to come off one cable/rail? The GPU obviously isn't getting juice if the GPU fan isn't spinning, almost like the card has a short in it.

    XFX is usually quick with emails. I received two emails from them in 24 hours the day my GTX 260 arrived and it had fuzzy fonts (the problem was my VGA cable and not the card).

    Have you tried XFX product support?
  6. I have sent the item back to and they just told me that card is not faulty. Well i use the dvi cable which works fine with my other card, maybe i can try the other dvi out on card. Maybe i shall use the adapter that comes with the card.

    The thing is i've tried changing the power cables cpl of times, removed the 8pin one, the cards led was led and tried with both 6 and 8 plugged in and its green i have no other pc to test the card. Dont know what to do when the card is back from :(

    Will try XFX product support and see if they can help.. Is there a way to test the power cables and if they are feeding enough voltage?
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