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I am running an Intel Core i7 875K in an ASUS P7P55D-E Pro and it's overclocked to 3.788 gHz. I'm using a CoolerMaster Hyper 212+ and idle temps are in the 30C range, measured with CoreTemp. The system has been running totally stable since June of 2010. I rarely check my CPU temps.

The other day I was running a Handbrake encode and decided to check my CPU temp with the ASUS PCProbe tool. The klaxon sounded and the CPU temp indicator was red and indicated about 77C. I was a little concerned but it wasn't the first time I've done an encode so I didn't worry about it.

Today I loaded CoreTemp and did some further testing. When the CPU cores hit 100% load for a while, the temp peaked at 79C (max of all cores). CoreTemp says my TJMax (wait, isn't that a discount store?) is 99C and I have read that a 20C differential is safe, but I just wanted to check that I'm not putting the CPU in danger.

Comments? TIA
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  1. Try using HWMonitor to make all the temps are saying the same thing.

    I don't really see how the temps could be as high as that because when using the Turbo it goes to 3.6ghz so it's not far off and those Turbo's are safe(no overheating).If i'm reading this correctly it's saying the max temp is 73c.

    I'm probably reading that wrong because i've checked other places and i've seen people get into the 90c's and it's fine.
    So in terms of overheating no your not but those temps do seem a bit high.Can you see any dust in the fans on the hyper 212+?You should try cleaning it.
    What are your volts at right now?
  2. Added a second fan to my Hyper 212+ (y cable to CPU fan header on mobo) and now my core temps are peaking in the 71-2C range, about a 7C improvement, which is more than I expected (most reviews said I'd only see 2-3C max improvement).
  3. the temps are fine... just curious as to what case you are using and whats the exhaust setup???
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