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Currently have 0WG855 Dell motherboard and a Duo Core E6600 and ran the CPUID and noticed that my core speed was being throttled down to 1600. I have speedstep disabled and its still doing this for some odd reason. The options on these Dell mobos are so different, im not sure which one is the one I need to remove the throttling (for most its c1e or halt state or something similar to that).

Is anyone familiar with this motherboard and know which option it is so that my core speed isn't being throttled down at times?
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  1. I would leave it alone. It throttles up quickly as needed. If you want to try to remove it, look for an Intel program in the hardware section of the device manager, which is located under "system" in the control panel. But again, I advise against it. You could cause other problems by removing the driver. Others have reported the same issue with dell boards. Only time to disable speedstep is when you're overclocking, which you can't do with a dell board.
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