Can't overclock my Intel Celeron 1.7 over 1.8 GHz

Hi guys, I've got a problem overclocking my Celeron. First of all, the BIOS doesn't support overclocking (it says "CPU Frequency/Voltage control" but there isn't any voltage selector, the CPU Ratio is 17x max (I can decrease it and decrease the frequency, but when I put 18x or more, the frequency stucks in 1.7 ghz), and the FSB only switches between 100 mhz and 133 mhz, I had previously set everything to "manual"). So I tried with CPUCooL software (it's the only one I know that supports the ICS952004 PLL) and it works well at 1.8 GHz, but when I try to get to the 1.9 appears a blue screen, so I turn the power off and restart, then the frequency sets to 1.7 ghz and it works all fine. Spread spectrum is disabled, so I think that the problem is the CPU voltage (the default value is 1.75 V, and it's actually on 1.6 V). I looked for any "voltage" option on all the BIOS menus and found nothing. Is there any way to raise my CPU's voltage with some software ? Remember, it must support my chipset and mobo :

Chipset: SiS651 Northbridge, SiS962L Southbridge.
Motherboard: MSI 651M Combo-L or MSI MS-6769.
CPU: Intel Celeron Williamette-128, 1.7 GHz (100 x 17) Socket 478.

Thanks for your help ! And sorry for my bad english, I'm from Argentina.
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  1. Try MSI's fuzzy logic 4 software.
    Also, make sure you have the newest bios. If this doesn't work, then I'd just give up and save some money and build a new computer. That one is very old and anything you buy now will be much faster.
  2. Why do you want to OC' your celeron CPU. You will get no performance improvement there. That CPU is not design for over-clocking, but 200 MHz will give you 2% performance improvement, and you risking burning your CPU.
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