Newly built desktop with Asus P7P55D mother board and i7-860 CPU. At power on, the Red CPU LED light is on. No Beeps. No video display. Fans work, even CPU fan.
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  1. I have the same mobo and the same problem with my i7875k
    cpu what did i do wrong can my cpu fan crush it cause its a zalaman it screws down i screwed it down all the way its really tight i hope i didnt wreck it. please help meeee!!!!!!!! so much money
  2. Check if you connected the 12V 8-pin/4-pin cpu power connector securely.

    If yes, you may have to remove cpu, check pins on the cpu/motherboard cpu socket very carefully to see there is no bent pin.

    If you use a cpu cooler with a back plate, insure the backplate does not cause a short. If you use Intel stock cooler that comes with the cpu, there is no need to check for a short for hsf installation.
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