Very High North Bridge TEMPS !!!

guyz, my NB temps are around 30-35C idle and reach up to 50-53C under 100% load !!!
is that okay, i feel like those temps are a bit too high, and what is assumed to be a safe temp

Q9550 @ 3.55ghz
Gigabyte GA-EP43-UD3L

as u can see im on intel P43 Chipset, what are the safe temps for this specific chipset and if my temps are high is there a way to cool it down ?!!
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  1. more info: im 10+ hours prim95 stable right now :)
    3.55ghz = FSB 418 * 8.5 multiplier
    if i raise FSB to 419 computer will not boot (which is a known wall for P43 chipsets)
    all my voltages are fine and within safe limits expect the MCH which is 1.4v, is it very high?
    btw if i decrease MCH voltage to 1.3v the system will not be stable( it will give me errors within the first 30mins in prime95 large ftt test)
  2. Your temps are fine.They are actually really good.Most NB's have a max temp of around 100c.Some are lower maybe 80c but your temps are nowhere near either.
    Just make sure you don't overvolt the NB it's very sensitive.Try to keep it under 1.3v.
  3. phew, im really happy to know that, but regarding voltage i cant get it lower as m system will be unstable, and at 1.3v the max stable overclock o can get would be around 3.1ghz which is an acceptable as im 3.55ghz now
  4. is totally at the user's risk.You know what could happen,i'm not saying you can't i'm just saying it's ill advised.You can go as high as you want as long as your temps don't hit max.Just keep an eye on your NB temps,but if your NB temps are maxing out at 53c currently then it looks like you can push it quite a bit more.
  5. at least thats what i know "as long as ur temps are down u can raise the voltage as the only drawback of increasing the voltage is increasing temps" correct me if im wrong

    anyway thanks for the info bro :D
  6. As long as your temps are below the max then you can increase the voltage and obatin as high an O.C. as your temps will permit.The problem with that is the more you increase the voltage the more you take the componet out of it's designed stability which will decrease it's lifespane.From my understanding the more voltage thats increased the shorter the lifespane will be.
  7. if it only affects life span then i have no problem with that (H) as i buy a whole new pc every 2 years, and my next new pc is gonna be this next summer or when the radeon HD7000 series release :D
  8. Alright then.

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