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I plugged a mac formatted external hard drive into my vista laptop, it didnt recognise it which isnt the problem, but then when I plugged my own windows formatted external hard drive back in it doesnt recognise that any more. I did a windows vista system restore to an automatic save point from the day before and it initially fixed the problem, but then I decided to download a program called HFSExplorer off of the internet so I could read and copy the files off of the mac formatted hardrive onto my laptop. It worked great and managed to read and copy the files off, but then again when I went to re plug in my hard drive it wont recognise it anymore, so I went to do another system restore but the restore point is after the time I plugged in the mac formatted hardrive so it has no affect. help please, anything I can download or do to fix the problem?
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  1. At this point I would use the Mac PC to make a back-up of the HDD that is not recognized, then I would re-format that HDD on the Windows machine. Then you can transfer back the files on that HDD.
    Or, even better, I would download Ubuntu on a CD, run it from there as bootable OS, and do the transfer mentioned above. Ubuntu does not need any formatting, it can use RAW drives, as well as NTFS drives.
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