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is the new intel core 2 quad 8300 a good processor or does it overheat to easy
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  1. It shouldn't overheat more easily than any other C2Q.

    Why do you ask?
  2. Is the Q8300 a good processor? Yes.

    Does it overhead too easy? No.

    Q8300 has a TDP of 95W, which most do. Something like a Q6700 has 105W while the Q8200S has 65W (for instance).
  3. Welcome to the forums!

    The Q8300 is a fine CPU.

    As to overheating...
    Depends on where you are sticking it and what you are doing with it.
    If you are sticking it in a case with no ventilation and heavily overclock it using the stock Hs, yes it will overheat.
    If your case case enough airflow and you run it at stock or use a good aftermarket cooler when overclocking it will not overheat.
  4. Sure it's a good little CPU I wouldn't worry about it overheating unless you put the CPU cooler on wrong or have really bad case ventilation.
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