OCZ Fatal1ty PC2 6400

Hello, somewhat new here, don't come here too often, but I have a question.

I just got a 2GB PC2 6400 memory stick its OCZ brand, Fatal1ty edition. I cannot verify the integrity of the RAM as it was used with no confirmation of it working before.

Sticker says 5-4-4 @2.1v. My motherboard is a very new ASrock G41M-S and according to the website should work with this ram. PN is OCZ2P8004GK and its on the list. The issue is when I plug it in the PC will not boot.

I tried using the default auto setting for voltage in the BIOS, also tried manually setting it to 2.1 and same thing happened. 1 miraculous time it did boot and I got into the BIOS and it all looked good, so I tried mixing in my Kingston RAM hoping it would work, but I got the three "no memory" beeps. So I removed the Kingston and it wouldn't boot again. If they cannot mix that's alright, I'm not too worried about that, although the Kingston RAM is also PC2 6400, but at 1.8v.

When I try to boot with the OCZ RAM in the fans spin up, it lasts for like 3-4 seconds, and then the power cuts off. Then it will kick back on for ~ 1 sec and kick back off and continue to do this until it gets unplugged. Also, remember it DID boot ONLY 1 time. When it did boot, the memory voltage was manually set to 2.1V. The other odd thing, when it booted the one time, the memory module was in the second slot which I thought was weird, but I did attempt to use both memory slots.

Other specs 600W PSU, 1 DVD-RW, 1 CD-RW, Core2Quad Q6600 @ stock, GeForce 8400GS PCI-E, PCI IDE card to expand IDE ports and 2 HDD I think Maxtor 250GB and Western Digital 320GB.

If the memory is bad, I can probably RMA it and get it fixed, it should be under lifetime warranty (and sticker is still affixed) but what would cause the computer to do this, power on and off? Also, why would it boot just one time and only in the one slot? Any thoughts or answers are appreciated, thanks for your time.
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  1. you can test your memory with memtest86+ v4.0 to see if the memory is alright

    download memtest86+ http://www.memtest.org/#downiso burn the iso to a dvd/cd
    leave dvd/cd in and reboot comp boot from dvd/cd you just made. test 1 stick of
    memory at a time let is go through at least 3 to 5 passes if there is any errors the
    screen will light up with RED errors try it and let us know how it goes. you can use
    a usb flash drive to do the same. you may need to go in to bios to setup so it can
    boot from dvd/cd

  2. If that was possible I would certainly do that, but my computer will not boot, it barely powers on. It will start for a few seconds and then the power cuts off, then cuts back on for a shorter amount of time and then back off again. I of course would test it if I could! Thanks for repsonding
  3. OK can u boot with the Kingston mem or the old mem that u used before the OCZ
  4. Yes without a problem, that is what I am running on right now, 2 Kingston strips running in dual channel mode. Each are 1.8v, one stick is 667 other is max of 800
  5. ok now down load memtest you dont need windows to run the test take out all memory after u done what i said in other post burn memtest to cd/dvd when you are all done with that take out all memory add 1 stick off the ocz mem in bank 0 leave memetest in your dvd/cd and boot from the dvd/cd you will be in a dos mode try that and let me know if you can run memtest post back thank you
  6. I don't think you understand the problem, the computer will not power on long enough to test the memory, it powers on for a few seconds and then shuts back off
  7. have you tried the memory in a other computer to see if it works
  8. have you updated the Bios to the latest one 1.20 to see if that helps you
    can i ask where you got the OCZ memory

  9. ok the memory you have is EPP (Enhanced Performance Profiles) memory modules are specifically optimized for NVidia's 590 SLI chipset. The DIMM actually has two programmed speeds, one when run on an optimized board (NVidia 590 SLI) and another for other boards based on competing chipsets hope ths help you
  10. The memory was obtained from a unknown source, not a friend, i actually got it from craigslist. it was only 10 bucks, i figured its worth it, even for resale, its probably worth about 50-60 bucks, i see the set of 2 (4GB total) going for about 110-120 dollars. i'm going to send it to ocz for rma, so i can be sure that it is a good stick, and if i cannot use it, i'll put it on ebay
  11. ok goodluck
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