Cpu fan and ram problems?

before i ask ,i appreciate anyone who answers my questions.
I have DFI x48 mainboard with an intel quad 9550,an inno 3d 9800 gtx+ , a 680 watt real power,2gb ocz ram with 1066 mhz bus.
last day i went in my bios and saw that the bus of ram is written 667.
i updated my bios and used many famous programs and the all showed me my rams 667 with the model pc2 5300 instead of pc 2 8500 .the other problem is that last day when i opened my case to take out one of my rams { i had turned off my power from back of case}and then turned the system on and i saw that cpu fan is off .after that i turned off my pc fast and then turned it on again.the fan was working.what was the problem?can be any electrical problem with the fan or the wires of fan?how can i test my cpu fan?when i wanted to open the wires that was spinned round the cpu fan{2 months ago} i used a little big force and now i am scared of the result of that force that could damage the wires of cpu fan.sorry i made a headache for you...bye.
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  1. u can set the ram speed manually, via the FSB : ram ratio. usually 1066 ram is actually 800 MHz ram factory overclocked to 1066. about the cpu fan, i didnt get that. try to see if it turns off always after u unplug the psu.
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