Corsair Performance 3 or SF 2000

Hi folks,

I think it is time to replace my old Indilinx drive. I have read some of the preliminary benchmarks for SF 2000 and the 500mbs sequential r/wr seems really nice ... but I am more concerned with read speeds rather than write speeds... and the Corsair seems like it is going to be only slightly slower to read than SF2000 ... but the instant gratification of the Corsair Performance 3 seems really nice too :kaola: There is of course the option of putting 2 smaller Performance 3 drives into RAID 0 ...

Can anyone point out any other benefits of waiting for SF2000? Improved caching? Anything else I might not be aware of?


i5 2500k
ASUS p8p67 Deluxe

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  1. Sandforce 2000

    550 MB/s Read - 55 % faster
    510 MB/s write - 137 - 580 % faster
    75k IOPSb- 108 % faster

    Performance 3

    355 MB/s Read
    75 MB/s write (140 and 215 on larger models)
    36k IOPS
  2. thanks, useful to see it in that format ... SF 2000 is coming out in May correct?

    The read and write speeds will increase in RAID, but not the IOPs is that correct? Or am I wrong?
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    Theoretically iops should scale too. The sf2000 should rule the roost as the sf1200 did. I wouldn't hang my hat on a May 1 release date though.

    Keep an eye out for the intel offerings. Not that they seem competitive but they may have their advantages.
  4. If you're willing to wait, I would go with SF 2000.
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