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Hi! So I have my 3 core anthlon II 3.2 stock speed processor OCed to 3.6 ghz with the temperatures at 30 degrees C under full load. For some reason I can't really go any further than this. I've tried bumping up my cpu voltage up in proportion with my bus speed and I still can't get it to run stable in prime95. I think that i'll need to do something with memory perhaps in order to get it any farther. Am I right? Well anyway, i'd really appreciate it if you could post some ideas for me to try out. My temps are always extremely low so i'm not worried about that at this point. Thanks
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  1. It is not 30 degrees on the CPU under load (even with high-end water). If you got that idle with cheap (but adequate) air cooling, you'd probably be doing well. My guess is that that temperature is the system, or motherboard temperature.
  2. I use the "Core Temp" application, it seems to be pretty accurate as far as software goes. But yeah, no way you are getting 30C under full load. What is it doing? Restarting/BSOD? or just saying hardware failure under Prime95?
  3. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    1- What are your rig's specs? Without that isn't possible help you
    2- Use HWMonitor and Core Temp to read the temps in your rig.
    3- What settings are you using?
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