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I've been getting into overclocking my PC lately, mainly for quicker gaming. I am still a noob at it so go easy. I've successfully overclocked my system slightly with good results. everything runs quicker. tolerable temperature etc. I've been getting into ram timings but i'm not sure what i'm doing maybe someone could give me advice for optimal timings for my system;

Stock my computer is

amd 1055T 2.8ghz x6
nb 2000mhz
ht 2000mhz
6gb 1333mhz strontium ddr3 ram at 9-9-9-24-CR2
3x 80gb raid 0
win7 x64

Currently overclock to

1055t 3.248ghz x6
core performance boost off
hpet off
nb 2087mhz
ht 2087mhz
6gb 1546mhz strontium 8-8-8-24-CR1

I'm after tighter timings for quicker reactions in fps games etc. should i be lowering the mhz of my ram to below 1333mhz to
have best result with tighter timings? is there better timings that you could recommend?

I'd appreciate anyones opinion on it. cheers
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  1. Higher speed means each cycle takes less time, effectively reducing the timings from your point of view. And you probably won't be able to notice any difference anyway. But if you want to, yes, you would decrease the frequency to decrease the timings.
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