Hard Drive Swap Boot problem Dell inspiron 1520

I just swapped my hard drive in my inspiron 1520 (vista) from a western digital 120GB to a new western digital 640GB.

I used their software (Acronis True Image Western Digital edition) to make a clone of my old drive to place on the new one. I placed the clone on an external drive, swapped out the hard drives in my laptop, used a bootable CD made with Acronis, and succusfully recovered the clone from the external drive to the new internal 640 GB drive. I did NOT do a 'sector by sector' recovery. (Whenever I selected the 'sector by sector' option, it told me there might not be enough space in the partition to boot my OS. Strange, seeing as the new drive is much, much larger)

Now when I boot, my laptop gives me

"Loading DMRK Version 8.00...

Can't Load Kernel File"

I think it's booting to the wrong partition (DMRK is a dell utility i think?) I restored these partitions with acronis:
Dell Utility FAT16
MBR and Track 0

Should I simply re-recover from my external drive and not include the last two partitions? Or is there a way to specifiy which partition to boot from in the BIOS? (I'd like to boot from C: , that's where vista and my important files are)

Thanks for any help!! :)
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    I've always placed new drive in the external enclosure. Ran the software to clone.
    Then shut down and put the new harddrive in the computer and then booted.
    Never had a problem with this system.But I was using their software Data Lifeguard Tools. Only used Accronis version once and ran it the same way.

    Maybe you confused the software by changeing the harddrives out first.
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