Asus Rampage I I Bios & win7 won't show all 6gb after overclocking

Hi I started pretty much the same post at but I was told I should try the thread on the asus forum.
So my main problem is that after updating my bios from 1406 to 1504 is that after it is finished updating and the cmos is cleared I go back into my bios and reset all the settings that I had before so I did that and It was fine I can play games do anything pretty much but the windows 7 welcome center thing says I only have 4gb of memory and my bios says the same thing. So I want to know if their is anyway I can easily downgrade my bios back to 1406. In a attempt to fix this before I updated the bios to 1639 so thats the bios im at right now.
By the way I am using a 64bit version of Windows 7 home
Here is a picture of the bios info inside the bios menu

Here is a picture my problem in windows and some other info>

My system
Core i7 920
Asus rampage Extream I I
Corsair 6gb TR3X6G1600C9
Evga gtx 285 super overclocked edition
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  1. The only think that comes to my mind is that you have via some place limited the amount of RAM usable by windows

    Tris this:
    Type msconfig.exe in the start search box
    Open msconfig.exe
    Go to the boot tab
    click the advance options button
    Uncheck the maximum memory check box if checked.

    Hope thats your problem
  2. I have same problem man, the question is. Our computer is use the complete 6 gigas__??
  3. I have an ASUS R2E loaded with 12G of memory on windows 7 64 bit and it is only seeing 8GB. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I didn't really buy the bent CPU socket pin theory, but I took my system apart and took the motherboard to work an put it under the microscope. The way the pins are designed allows them to shift and I found one pin that was rotated a bit and possibly shorting to an adjacent pin. I moved it with a dental probe and reseated the CPU and now I have 12 G of memory showing. I did not adjust an voltages.
  5. nice tip I will try later thanks
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