8800gts Dual Monitor Question

I'm trying to setup my two monitors to be dual-monitors.
I want one of them to be the home monitor but i want them to each be running their own resolution not one massive horizontal resolution. Also, is it possible to setup the monitors so that when i have a program in one monitor and maximize it, it only maximizes to that window?

I've tried using the nvidia dual-monitor setup but it doesn't do what i need to do.
Its only options are:
Clone monitor
Horizontal stretch
Verical Stretch

Any suggestions? Or do i need to further clarify what i'm trying to do

Thanks for your help.
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  1. There should be another option to do exactly as you described. I had that exact setup for a while. Try updating your gfx drivers to a few different ones until you find it, it's there i promise you.
  2. Technically you have to have some form of 'stretch' enabled. That way you can move your mouse from one monitor to the other. I can set up my duals just under Display Properties, Settings tab. From there you can setup your primary display and position where you want your secondary. Can you set their resolutions from there?
    I use a horizontal stretch, but you should be able to set each one to their respective resolutions..
    And yes it maximizes to just one monitor at a time.
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