Need help with OC my system

So been on-line for weeks looking a site to help OC my M4a78-Em Motherboard. So came here and see there is alot of knowledgeble people. Here are my system settings.

Processor: Amd Athlon 64x2 Dual Core Processor 4800+ 2.50Ghz
Memory. 5.oo Gb install of DDR2 5300 667mhz
Graphics Card: AtI Radeon HD 5770
Power Supply:450 watts
Stock CPU Fan.

Dont know how much more info would be needed to get the info i'm looking for to OC computer. But my biggest issue is understanding my Bois for M4A78-EM Motherboard. IF anyone has ever OC that motherboard plz help me tryin to get my system to run 2.80 Mhz.
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  1. If you're going to do start doing any real overclocking, I would start by getting a better heatsink. You can't overclock very far on a stock cooler before you hit the thermal limit...
  2. Hi and welcome to Tom's forum.

    As jednx01 says, you need a better cooler before start to overclock.
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