Keyboard is not detected on POST using ASUS P4800

I have recently setup a computer using a Asus p4P800 motherboard, CPU and RAM are detected in POST, however the keyboard is not detected. I have tried using both a PS/2 and USB keyboard however no response. I have removed the battery and cleared the CMOS using the jumpers.However the problem remains. Any suggestions would be of great assistance.
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  1. POST does not detect keyboards, mice, monitor, or drives.

    You can take a working computer and disconnect the monitor, keyboard, mouse, and all of the drives. Boot and you will still get the single short beep of a successful POST.

    What is the exact error message you are getting?
  2. Problem solved, tried a different CPU and it seemed to do the trick. Don’t ask me the reason why, the motherboard seemed to detect the original CPU no problems at all, just like the replacement?

    Thanks for looking.

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