Msi x58 platinum sli every 20th boot nothing starts

Hey everyone i have a quick question.

I'm running a msi x58 sli platinum with ocz gold ram 1600mhz and windows xp.

Every say 20th time i boot my computer up nothing starts the bios splash screen doesnt even show but all the light on my mobo turn on? i then hold the power button and shut down manually. when i turn the computer back on again it works and i get the windows failed to start screen. i have all my memory in the right slots and ive never flashed my bios. this is the first computer ive built and im really confused.

Thanks everyone in andvance for your help.

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  1. First, why are you running xp with an i7? Second, why did you buy MSI? uufffffff

    Manually set everything in the bios (ram to 1333) and give the ram 1.65v
  2. i know i don't really know alot about computers but i'm using it for my studio and alot of programs i use arent compatible with windows 7. Do you have any instruction on doing that i know thats a problem but when i did try n do that my computer would randomly shut down. and id rather it not start once every 20 times then it randomyly shut down :(
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