I5 2500K+ Silver Arrow Temps

Hi Guys,

Finaly built my first gaming rig, specs are as follows:

i5 2500k
Thermalright Silver Arrow + AS5
Asus P8P67 PRO
Antec 902 V3
Two X MSI GTX 560Ti Twin Frozer
Corsair HX850W
2x4Gb G.Skill Ripjaws 1600 C8

I've installed my cooler 3 times so far.
The first time, i carefully spread a thin even layer of AS5 over the cpu. The cooler fan was less than 5 CM away from the rear exaust fan and pulling in the opposite direction, which restricted airflow out the rear.
I booted into BIOS and CPU temp was 45-46C.

I looked up some methods for removing and re applying and what i thought to be a contradiction in each one?

They all advised to completely remove the TIM with iso alcohol and re apply. But went on later to discribe the 'tinting' method which was to rub the TIM into the surfaces with a plastic card, and then remove with a lint free cloth.

So after removing the cooler, i simply rubbed the existing TIM into the cpu surface with a plastic card, and removed with a lint free cloth (the type for reading glasses). I then used the method described and applied a small pea sized dot in the middle and installed, this time with the fans pointing upward and pushing through the top large exaust fan.

CPU temp = 48C (room temp 24)

The last method i tryed, i got from intel, which descrived the vertical line application method. I did everything the same, but applied 1mm vertical line down the middle of the cpu.

CPU temps today = 43C (room temp around 21)

I plan to OC which would boost temps obviously, and these temps are when just sitting in the BIOS, as my Win7 hasnt arrived yet so im assuming their going to be even higher in windows. I bought this behemoth of a cooler ($90) to avoid these issues.

Can anyone offer some advice please. A little frustrated over here, sorry for the wall of text, i just wanted to get all the details out there.
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  1. Same reply as my post in CPU and Components.
  2. davcon said:
    Same reply as my post in CPU and Components.

    I just realised that this might be more relevant place to post it.
  3. i just posted on your other post lol...anyways your temps in bios isn't in idle it's actually load temps...plus your cooler is one of the best if not the best air cooler in the market....my temps in bios are the same as yours..nothing to worry about if i were you...
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