AM3 AND PSU reccomendations

hi folks, hope some of you can help.
Im getting a new AMD Phenom IIx4 965 125w cpu tomorrow, and im wondering whats the best AM3 board i can get at £130 max. im using a gigabyte ma-790fx-ds5 at the min, but want to go with DDR3 as soon as i can.

Also, im needing a beefy psu as ive just had my Ezecool 800w die on me, so im looking for a big name brand, 800w or more with an 8pin + 24pin mobo, inclusing at least 2 6pin Pci-e plugs, at a max of £120. What could you well learned people recommend?

hope for some good replys,

thanks :D
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    That processor should work on your existing motherboard, the difference gained by spending any more on new board and ram would be hard to justify. Suggest you wait on new board till first quarter of 2010 when the new USB 3.0 and SATA 3 are fully implemented on newer boards.
    Don't know what country youre in to suggest E-retailers for new power supply.
  2. thanks mate, hadnt even thougt about USB 3.0 or the new sata. wasnt thinking of buying a new board till after Christmas anyways, but that has opened up a whole area to consider, cheers!
  3. For PSU - Corsair TX650. Unless you are going to run 2 video cards - then TX750.
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