Harddrive clicks every half second

i have a 1T western digital black drive and its been working fine. infact my computer is running the best its ever run. but in the past week my drive has started clicking (drive access) every half second. it sounds like a metronome and is very anoying. how do i find out what is access the drive and how to stop it.
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  1. It sounds like it has started to inherit the click of death. My advise would be to backup or recover all important documents, rma the drive and get an new one.
    If you are unable to rma then I would backup everything, and purchase another one.

    I have seen in some instances a format and clean install fix the problem, it is rare, but I have done it personally.

    You can download HDtune and check the drive for smart errors, if it has alot of errors replace the drive if it dont then you can try to format and re-install.

    If it die before you get the chance to recover any files you can use RECUVA to recover any important documents, if it can see the drive.
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