Sata ports does it matter?

I just installed my SSD, along with a new Samsung F3, and with my last HD that was my main drive.

Installation wen smoothly and everything is up and running. However only one of the conventional hard drives shows up in the computer section??

In my device manager, it shows the samsung and the western digital, but only one of them shows up?

I tried moving where I plugged them in on the sata slots, but does it matter where I put the hard drive connections or am suppose to do something in the bios??
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    Which ones shows up... the WD?? (it is already formated right?)

    I would follow this thread, which should help solve your issue....
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  3. I tried switching what spot they were in, and i got an error code and windows would not load.

    So I just reinstalled, and I found that they all showed up, but the WD(my orignal) which I formatted eariler, said
    "un-allocated drive or space", so I clicked on it and hit advanced options and clicked new, and applied a name and stuff to it
    and now it shows up!

    I was going to do a SSD post, but I was able to find all the trim info on current threads.

    But can you answer a question for me?

    Q:All my drives, the ssd, the sam, the wd, are all in NTSF format. I want to save everything under F: local disk and not C:

    So what I have been doing so far is, when installing, I erase the C and add the F! ex: (F:ProgramFiles(x86)NortonSecuritySuite)

    Is this the correct way to make F: drive my "main" drive from here on out??? I installed windows on the 120gb SSD, but want everything to be allocated to the F: drive, and I want only my chosen specific files to get on there!

    Q:How to I get rid of Hibernation on the SSD?
  4. Q1: It is an acceptable way of doing it... Also, you can follow the steps on this site to setup your USER files to default the secondary drive (doesn't work with programs being installed0:

    Q2: Here is a good list of tweaks for SSD's (covers hibernation :D ):
  5. I already had my motherboard set to ACHI, and I have to re-check to see if TRIM is still enabled.

    This is because I had to re-install after I set up everthing last night, because of the missing hard drive.

    Then I put the video drivers into the F: file, restarted and windows would not load and I got error code 0xc000000F

    So I re-installed windows before I went to bed, and have been re-applying the basics ever since noon.

    Thanks for the links!

    I will start making this other admin profile thing!
  6. I finally got it all working nicely! It was such a pain to change all the C:\Users to M:\SaltSlasher.

    I am finally getting everything setup correctly, and adding all my cool stuff!

    I still need to go through that list of and get the hibernation and all that other stuff!
  7. Is applying "No Page Filing" a good thing??

    I have always known to keep a good ratio, but this says I can get 4gb's back on the SSD, if I don't allow page filing?

    Will I lack any performance on my 8gb memory set, by removing the page filing?
  8. There is another alternative. You can simplely move the pagefile to your secondary drive. I've had no issues with it disabled with my 6GB's but I've seen this topic discussed many times, so the alternative maybe worth it???
  9. Well, I have been successful and have applied everything in your links besides the step 6(page filing) and Step 9, and I am running SSD tests so I can see if step 9 improves the ssd.

    Right now I am getting 209.7mb Average in HD Tune, with a burst of 173, with all default settings, so it seems to be where it should!

    My F3 is definitely way better than my caviar, it is way colder and has an increase on read and write.
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