Usb port /Problems with xai mice

Windows 7 establishes automatically the driver on the mouse xai in an operating time it the driver itself can sometimes be disconnected is dumped, and sometimes isn't present, the driver can't sometimes be established as the mouse informs it on an error. And in technical support worked. The driver was established from 1 time. The mouse wasn't disconnected on an extreme measure within 5 minutes (Well long that I won't sit there!)
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  1. you might want to just type this up in your native language here
    then post the translation because your confusing.
  2. In the state of the device xai writes (has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)) While it sometimes works and sometimes off. Ie driver cleared of making this mistake. In tech support the device everything worked. Well, I do not know mb after a few hours she would be disconnected.
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