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I have an Intel SSD I use for win7, but I felt like formatting+reinstalling windows since every year or so I like a 'fresh' system.
Anyway, in the win7 installer, I deleted both the paritions, and recreated them. I am thinking now that I should have formatted the partitions before I had deleted them (doh),
so now windows is reporting my 40GB SSD as almost full after a fresh install. It says I only have 5 GB free and I know this is wrong. Does anyone know what happened here or how I can fix it?
it's definitelty not reporting the correct 'free space'
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  1. Have you tried to run Intel's Toolbox and see if it can recover the "lost" space. The garbage collection of TRIM should clean it up since the data was deleted.

    Also, you could install it on a second PC, as a secondary drive, install and run Intel Toolbox than the "Secured Erase" to properly clean the drive. After doing so, you can reinstall your setup as you done before & should be good to go :)
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