2600K cores different temps

Hi, I'm using Tuniq Tower 120 and Arctic Silver 5 with Intel i7 2600K
I haven't overclocked this yet
The BIOS reports CPU temp around 40C for each of the 3 times I tried mounting
When idling in Windows, core temps are around 26C
Prime95 with 8 threads drives the cores up to around 48C

What's weird is that core #2 is about 4C cooler than other cores (#0, #1, and #3) when idling. The difference varies between about 3-6C less.
But under load, it's core #1 that's cooler, by about 3C!

Is this normal or should I try remounting again?
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  1. Having different temps for the cores is normal. My quad-core has one hot, two average, and one cool core. I'd blame it on bad cooler mounting and/or bad thermal compound spread, but it's been this way through four cooler mountings (Intel stock cooler, Scythe Rasetsu, Prolimatech Megahalems Rev.B, and now EK Supreme HF water block).
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