Is the ati radeon hd 4850 a good video card

I am putting together my new PC which i will be using for high end gaming and i was wondering if the ati radeon 4850 512mb graphics card will be sufficient to play all games and if not which cards do you recommend for around the same price thanks for the help.
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  1. It'll work great, though it depends on what your definition of "high end" is. It's an excellent midrange card, IMHO, although to get to truly high end, you'd need to go to something like a 4890, GTX 285, or one of the multi-GPU setups.
  2. well if you are playing at resolution of 1280x1024 or something like that, it will surely play anything....
  3. what about the hd4870 is that a better card
  4. 20-30%, depending
  5. It would be helpful for you to give us your budget so we can better advise you.
  6. but the 4850 will still play most games right? my budget is around
    $200-$300 New Zealand
  7. the 4850 can ''play'' every game it just depends on what res, details ur playing it on. imo the 4850 is a great card for its price for gaming around 1650x1050 . not higher tho. if you plan to play on higher resolution go for 4890- or gtx275 or higher like the dual cards.
  8. what resolution does the hd4870 have?
  9. Both the 4850 and 4870 will go up to 2560x1600 (assuming the monitor supports it). However, the 4870 will work better at higher resolutions like 1920x1200 and up (especially the 1GB version).
  10. thanks for all the help i think i will go with the 4850 for now and one day i will upgrade to the 4890 thanks again. does the 4850 come in 1024mb ?
  11. The higher the res, the higher the demand on the gfx card, as it has to fill all those pixels at a decent rate to keep up, without showing lagging or worse, slide show effect.
  12. i forgot to ask is the sapphire hd4850 good or should i just get the ati radeon hd4850?
  13. sapphire is ATIs main brand, theyre good
  14. which is better his 4850 or sapphire 4850 or are the evenly matched
  15. If you stick with the reference design, it wont matter, other than customer service and warranties etc
  16. thanks for all the help!!! feel free to keep commenting
  17. Kind of late, but I have a Sapphire 4850.

    -On Newegg it's been discontinued, anyone know why?

    -Also after reformatting my computer, and installing the latest catalyst drivers for windows xp, the graphics resemble on-board graphics. Can anyone help with this?

    * Also to mention, I don't have a true monitor. I'm using a 22" tv that supports 1080i and below. I've upgraded to a monitor just waiting on it now. *

    asus p5q pro
    4gb mushkin dual channel ram
    500w antec neopower psu
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