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hi i just bought XIGMATEK ELYSIUM CASING . it can support a max 420mm radiator or 360mm radiator at top . and at bottom it can support 240mm radiator. . currently i will cooling my cpu and graphic card. also tell me complete link of water cooling system . also give me a water block for my gtx560ti . u can either give me a complete package of water cooling or u can give me pump , resorvoir , radiator ,, tubing,, etc etc discrete links . . currently im leaning for one 420mm raditor at top and nothing at bottom .u can give me suggestion as well. thanks
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  1. Hey Hamza, That is quite the case, i would recommend taking full advantage of the opportunity to put a 3x140mm rad internally at the top of the case. Some i would recommend would be...

    This will be able to cool your GPU and CPU, as long as you dont do too much overclocking, for even better performance you may want to go with a 240mm on the bottom as well... This way if you ever upgrade to SLI or add more blocks to your loop you will have enough radiator space to cool such additions...

    for a 2x120mm radiator i would recommend...

    One pump I have consistently read is great is the MCP35x...

    The optional reservoir that it comes with would suffice...

    For tubing, Feser or Primochill have good anti-kink tubing.

    For a coolant you will want to go with just distilled water and a killcoil or some PT_Nuke (biocide). If you want color in your loop just get some colored tubing.

    These are all just recommendations, i would really recommend you do some additional research at sites like to find reviews and comparisons that will help guide you in finding the parts you want.
  2. thanks for ur reply
    1)ok now pump of swifttech is really good i have read reviews of it . so i will buy it.
    2)im not sure abt the radiator . i think the nozle points r on the sides and may be tube will bend. ur suggestion
    3)now abt reservoir . r u sure that this size is enough. should nt i go with bigger size or bigger size is useless.
    also give me some links of either amazon or newegg or e bay . because im in Pakistan and i can only buy from m these stores.
  3. 2) - Almost all radiators have port openings that will point at 90 degrees from the radiator. You can get fittings that have 90 degree turns in them to avoid kinks or acute bends in your tubing.

    3) - The reservoir's size is not a big deal, if you need more cooling, add another radiator, that will perform much better than a larger res.

    You can google the parts that you want to find places that will ship to you. ships to many locations.
  4. wht abt t-virus reservoir
  5. Sure, i dont see why not, as long as it has G1/4 ports on it, or ports that will fit the barb or compression fittings you use.
  6. If you have a lot of room in your case, and want the best cooling, you should consider a larger pump and 1/2" tubing. The more and the faster the water flows the faster and the more heat energy can be removed from your components.

    Flow Rate vs Temperature

    The actual difference isn't very big... But 1/2" tubing is more impressive IMHO.
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