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Hey all,

I was just wondering before I make my purchase, if a XFX Radeon HD 4770 would work with my 375W PSU, it's from DELL and I hear they underrate their power supplies so it might be somewhere in the 400s hopefuly. It's been running my power guzzling 256mb x850 PE and after checking some wattage consumption charts it shows that they are pretty close in terms of wattage. Also, I hear that the 4770 is great for low power consumption. I'm running a Intel E6600 2.4 Ghz Dual Core with 2GBs of RAM.

What are your thoughts? Does anyone have success stories with DELL PSUs? They reason I want this card is because of the power to performance ratio as well, because i'm not interested in upgrading my PSU as i'll just replace the whole PC another year or 2 down the line with the new i7 stuff. I'm just looking for a temporary boost in performance.

P.S: My PSU has only 1 6-pin connector, but I believe thats all I need?

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  1. yeh dude 4770 is the card for you, infact the reason y its actuslly more expensive than some cards that perform better is because of its low power requirements
  2. but officialy it is recommendend to have 450 watts or greater PSU.
  3. @ prvt: Yes, one 6 pin PCI-E connector is just what the Doctor ordered, and did you mean a chart like this?


    It shows the 4770 peaking at 79 watts, not much over the X850 and the red 3D draw figures actually favour the 4770. Not bad for close to 3 times the performance, DX10.1 etc...etc.

    So, why are you still looking at this thread and not ordering it?;)
  4. Good choice, I'm very confident with mine ( HD4770, I just call it a HD4790 cause I overclocked it ). The overclocking simply rocks and gives you a impressive preformance boost! It almost doubles the frame rates of my old HD2900XT, only at some rare situations it drops below the HD2900XT, but overall a very good card for a splendid price :D

  5. Thanks for the comments guys, I still have 1 more question, I have a P965 motherboard and I'm not sure but I think they are PCI-Express 1.0... do you guys know if a 4770 will run on 1.0 and if it does will the performance be bottle-necked? I believe its a 2.0 card isn't it?
  6. uh, im lookin for the same. any idea abt where i can get it at what price?
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